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Find out what you missed at last month’s Product Potluck

by on February 10, 2009

Qixing Zheng has just posted a summary of last month’s Product Potluck over on the UX Connection Blog. Gordon Varney penned the summary and photos were provided by the people whose products were mentioned. Thanks, everyone! Here are a few snippets from the summary:

Books have been around for so many years that the kinks have universally been worked out. Attempts to “improve” the classic norms are generally disastrous: we expect page numbers to be on the outside edge, for example…

These frames are made from spring steel and are incredibly flexible and apparently virtually indestructible. They have no hinge per se and can be easily twisted apart and restored (with a practiced flick of the wrist.)…

The design’s affordances communicated well what you should do to fasten or unfasten it. That wasn’t the issue. The issue was that the clasp itself is very small…

Talk then moved on to a sushi knife, side tracked to Apple and Steve Jobs, and somehow ended up with a demonstration of the latest RIM Blackberry…


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